Skinner & Associates – Now Certified in Mediation

When two parties cannot come to an amicable solution, sometimes they call upon a mediator to help settle the issue. Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that utilizes an unbiased third party. The mediator does not make a decision but rather provides suggestions and helps to create the dialogue to come to an agreement.

Why mediation?

Mediation is typically quicker, less expensive and a more simplistic way to settle a dispute. It allows both parties to consider all the situations that might have led to the dispute instead of a narrow legal issue. The question of fault and right or wrong is typically not the focus of the discussions, rather coming to an adequate resolution is the goal.

Should you use mediation?

If you are in a position of being unable or even unwilling to resolve a dispute, using mediation is a good option to provide a resolution. Mediation is a short term process which is very structured. The mediator works with both parties by overseeing the exchange of information. They help them find a common ground and resolve unrealistic expectations while determining appropriate solutions. They may also be called upon to draft a settlement.

When mediation is necessary

Mediation is typically a voluntary exercise but can also be court ordered. It is common in a small claims situation, housing issues and family law. It is also occasionally used in criminal court proceedings. While a litigation process involves a judge making the final decisions, in mediation, both parties and the mediator work together to determine the terms of the both the mediation process as well as the final agreement.

After a resolution is reached

When the mediation process is concluded the final agreement can be either oral or written. The laws in the jurisdiction in which the mediation occurs will determine if the agreement is binding. If an agreement cannot be reached the parties can pursue other legal measures to make their claims.

At Skinner & Associates, we are pleased to announce that in addition to our full range of legal practice areas, we are also certified to help clients through the mediation process. If you are considering mediation to settle a legal dispute, contact our trusted team today.  


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