What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is a legal process that enables individuals, businesses and other entities to utilize the court system to work through disputes. Unlike a criminal case, in which an individual is prosecuted for violation of a law or statute with the end penalty being monetary fines, imprisonment or both, civil litigation is a personal disagreement in which one or more parties is seeking for a judge to award monetary restitution for a wrong committed against them. There are five common types of civil litigation which might be heard in a court of law.

  • Personal injury
  • Breach of contract
  • Divorce and family law
  • Property disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Personal injury

A person injured case is filed because of the negligence of another individual or entity that results in some form of bodily injury. The most common cases are the result of a motor vehicle accident, a slip-fall case or a product liability.

Divorce and family

A family law case can be a particularly difficult civil litigation process because of the emotion that is involved in family dynamics. Generally, these are the result of a petition for separation or divorce, child custody, child support and domestic violence cases.

Breach of contract

Contracts typically state very clearly the expectations one party has of another. When the terms of this documentation are not met, the wronged party has the right to file a lawsuit for breach of contract. The plaintiff can sue to recover the monetary loss as a result of the default of the contract or they might request that the judge order the defendant to act in accordance with the stipulations of the contract.

Landlord and tenant

One of the most common forms of landlord/tenant legal matters is an eviction. This typically arises when the tenant does not comply with the terms of the lease agreement.

Property disputes    

Typical property disputes include property line disagreements, ownership rights and concerns and title claims. While the plaintiff might choose to seek financial compensation for these cases, often they are simply looking for the right of ownership.

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Civil Litigation

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